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Recipe of the Month

Chicken Fried Rice



This is one of my all time favorite recipes.... I came up with it during my contest prep, when I was limited to just a few foods. 

Very few foods worked with my contest diet, and this was one of them.  I think I probably ate this twice a day!


• onion, chopped chunky style
• 2/3 cup brown rice, precooked
• broccoli slaw
• bean sprouts
• mushrooms, finely chopped
• 1/2 cup egg beaters
• 2 oz. chicken breast, shredded


Spray non stick pan with olive oil, and let the pan get very hot... add in onion and leave alone until dark brown on one side, then stir gently and cook till onion is slightly tender.

Spray more non stick oil into the pan and add precooked brown rice... allow the rice to "get crunchy/brown" on one side, then carefully sautee.

Add veggies (broccoli slaw, mushrooms and bean sprouts) to rice mixture and stir/cook till tender.

In a separate pan, place egg beaters in pan and add in shredded chicken breast, then scramble as the eggs cook.

Add the egg/chicken mixture to the brown rice mixture... stir and ENJOY!!!!

New Recipes are Coming!

I LOVE to cook and always enjoy the challenge of coming up with new dishes... I have been eating clean for over 2 years now, so new recipes are always a nice way to keep my interest in clean eating going... If you are interested in the recipes for any of these dishes, PLUS many others, you MUST be a client, either for the diet plan, or exercise plan, or both.... Access to the Client pages will get you the photos, along with their recipes.

As always, all these recipes fit into the proper macros with a 40/40/20 split on the protein, carbs and fat, and almost always require less than 10 minutes prep/cook time. The recipes should be posted by the end of November '09.