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Online Fitness Consulting

While "in person" personal training is always most ideal, many people can benefit from online training. The client most able to benefit from online training is one that has knowledge of how to train properly. They know the different types of exercises, and proper form and technique, but are lacking in a comprehensive plan to pull it all together. I can help with that.

Also, to be successful with online training, it helps if the client is self-motivated and self-disciplined enough to train on their own. I can help with this by keeping up with weekly phone calls to help address problems or concerns that come up, or just to help you stay motivated, and talk over any struggles you may be having. Sometimes, the weekly phone calls can just help to keep you in check, make you feel more accountable. And aside from the weekly or twice weekly phone calls, I can also provide assistance through emails, addressing questions and concerns you may have in that manner.

You will also get access to information not available to other visitors to my website, gaining access to message boards for support, specific recipe ideas, menu planning, etc.

I provide 2 types of online programs. The first one is the initial set up plan... followed by maintenance plans, that include updates and changes every 3-4 weeks. Sticking to one program indefinitely is not a good way to train. Only by constantly changing things up can your body continue to be challenged in new and different ways.

There are 2 different rates, one for set up, and one for maintenance. You can email me for current rates.