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In Home Clean Eating Demo

Eating Clean Demo

In-home Eating Clean Demo       $175-200 + cost of food

This service is available to anyone within a 90 minute commute for me. In this service, I talk with you prior to my visit about what kinds of foods that you like, and provide you with a menu of items I will cook for you in a 2-3 hour time period. I generally demo about 10 - 15 recipes. In this time, I show you how to prep food for the week, and how to use that food to make simple, healthy meals. While cooking, I also teach you about the body and how it responds to good nutrition, and why eating clean works. The best part though, is that you get to sample everything I make, and then, as I go, I package all your meals for you in handy containers ready for your fridge! It's like having a personal chef take care of your cooking needs, only it's healthy eating. The demo lasts approximately 3 hours, and you are encouraged to invite along a friend or two. The atmosphere is fun and informative! For higher end tastes, my daughter is a professional chef and has designed her own signature dishes that work within the Eating Clean philosophy. Please call for more information.

Packed Food