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Important Food Facts!

Food/Diet Facts

Ground Beef that is 93% lean is LEANER than ground turkey. 93% lean ground beef has just 5g fat per 4 oz. serving while ground turkey contains a whopping 16g fat for the same 4oz. If you are going to eat ground turkey, make sure it is ground turkey BREAST, which only has 1g fat per 4 oz. serving.

Other ground meat data...

Extra Lean Ground Pork 35g protein/4g fat
Ground Buffalo 28g protein/5g fat
Ground Ostrich 23g protein/10g fat
90% Lean Ground Beef 23g protein/11g fat

Carbohydrates CAN quickly cause water retention, which can give the appearance of rapid fat gain.

Eating breakfast kick-starts your metabolism by turning on your digestive system. This actually BURNS MORE CALORIES. Plus there is ample research that shows that eating breakfast actually keeps you from eating less the rest of the day.

A one inch slice of watermelon contains 92% water and has as much prostate-protecting lycopene as four medium tomatoes. Lycopene boosts skin's natural SPF.

Ditch anything that lists white or wheat flour.... yes! even wheat flour is processed… you should look for foods with WHOLE wheat flour (WHOLE grain) listed as the primary ingredient. Not only is it better for you because the nutrients and fiber remain intact, but it requires more energy for digestion, which actually raises your metabolism slightly. Also, the whole grains, because they take longer to digest, will leave you feeling fuller longer, and decrease the likelihood of mindless, unhealthy snacking later on.

You must learn the importance of combining protein and carbs at EVERY meal. The reason you feel lethargic at mid-morning and mid-afternoon is because your blood sugar levels are falling and insulin levels are swinging wildly. When you are eating clean, each meal should contain both lean protein and complex carbs because together they offset this phenomenon, prolonging digestion and slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream. The result? Insulin levels stay low and steady. “By eating protein with your complex carbs, you’ll slow the carb-to-fat conversion process even more,” according to Lee Labrada, a legendary fitness expert. “This is why you should never eat complex carbs alone – always pair them with protein.”