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2007, 2009, 2011, 2012 Maryland Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion

2013 North Americans (9th place), 2014 masters nationals (8th place)

2015 Lenda murray Classic Heavyweight and masters champion

From my book "My Journey to the Stage"

"So there it is.... My journey to the stage. If I never get there again, it is okay.  I got my chance, and I did more than I could have hoped for. 

A former trainer of mine said to me once, that I am lucky.  That I got to transform my body twice.  Once, from an obese person to a healthy, fit individual... and a second time, to something much more elite... to that of a bodybuilder.

I never worked so hard at anything in my life.  I took a chance I had at making a silly childhood dream come true and ran with it.

I never knew where it would lead me, but I knew as long as I gave 100%, that no matter what happened, or didn't happen, I could live with that.

It's not often that giving 100% is ever enough... but this time, in this instance, it was...

Like the ad says... cost of living out your dream:  PRICELESS."

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