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Before and After Photos


The first photo was taken in August 2006, the second photo in August 2007.

I cannot stress enough how important diet is to your results.  Diet makes up about 70% of your results.  If a good diet is not in place, no amount of exercise in the world will get you where you want to go, and eating clean is the way to get there. 

I ate very healthy for a long time.  Eating healthy did NOT get me the body that I wanted.  I was still making a lot of mistakes that I hadn't realized, until someone pointed them out to me, and I took a chance and changed what I was doing.  Much of the changes were SMALL.... just minor tweaking to what I was already doing, and surprisingly, ADDING calories back into my diet.  The result?  I finally saw some serious weight loss, some dramatic changes in body composition, and finally, the body that I had always wanted.

The following photos show what eating clean can do, with NO changes in exercise.... These photos show changes in DIET only.

Client Transformations: women


client Transformations: men

This idea of eating clean works for men too, not just women.  In fact, men will probably see results even faster than women (I know! NOT FAIR!)

This man started with a 38 inch waist.  In 3 months he lost about 30 pounds, and went to a 32 inch waist.  He did this with a diet of eating clean, doing cardio daily, and an intense weight training program.

Man's Progression on His Transformation

This is another client of mine. The first picture was taken in March 2008, and the second picture was taken about 6 WEEKS later in May 2008!

Before and After Transformation Photos